The Road To Born Again - Daredevil Ep0

Podcasts May 28, 2023

In the foundational episode of our new show we outline what Daredevil's about, why we're talking about it and why it matters to us. Then we take a break and talk spoilers.

The Show

(Dare)Devil In The Details is a show that explores and dotes on the philosophy and themes of Netflix’s DareDevil, a digression collection brought to you by A Method to The Madness and ZeroIndent.

Daredevil is a story about morality, justice and the concept of self. In immersing ourselves in the attitude and philosophy of Hell’s Kitchen we hope to draw in sharp focus what makes the story so exacting and compelling. Not just to praise the craft of storytelling, but to unpack our own feelings and thoughts about the ideas it raises: faith in a modern world, what we do with the legacy of our inheritance, and, of course, who we are. What does a name mean, claimed and given, and how do they shape us?

This is a careful story and so we will tread carefully. This may mean taking breaks to give ourselves time to process. This may mean taking breaks to deal with life. In the spirit of the show’s ideas, we aim to be considerate and present in our production and discussion. We will speak freely on and off the microphone. As we do the work, it makes us. And as we complete the work, it completes us, so we will not be afraid to unpack challenging concepts. Ultimately, we will enjoy the process to the best of our ability and allow the show to adapt when this may not be possible.





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David McNeill

David McNeill is the author of Maynard Trigg and editor-in-chief of ZeroIndent. He's a dedicated storyteller with a background in literary analysis and comms.

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