Tenet First Impressions: Time For More Nolan

Podcasts Sep 16, 2020

How does Tenet place itself amongst the elite pantheon of Christopher Nolan's career? This film sets a new bar for convoluted time travel stories and once again proves that there can still be novel twists on conventional concepts. You can read an excerpt and watch the full episode below.

Patrick: This seems like a really fitting fulcrum of Nolan's filmography considering how almost every one of his films are concerned about time. But Tenet is the first one with actual time travel. So y'know it seems like a fitting crescendo of his career, don't you think?

Michi: Yeah I agree, and I feel like its similar to Memento, because it had the same idea of having two different plots running in opposite directions and they meet in the middle, and this is almost like the literal embodiment of that movie. That movie had no time travel, it was simply just two stories. But with Tenet the character literally inverts himself so that he does run into himself. It's almost like a twist on that. It's as if he got the idea from Memento and he was very proud of his thinking around that.

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Patrick Lovern

Patrick Lovern is the co-host of A Method To The Madness podcast. An aspiring filmmaker, with a passion for all philosophy; religious, scientific, artistic, and otherwise.

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